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Why collaborate?

Female researcher conducting an experiment © Copyright: Peter Winandy

The importance of excellent research in the innovation process is indisputable.  Find out, why it is also worth it for you to collaborate with the excellent RWTH Aachen research institutions. Photo: Peter Winandy

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Collaboration Opportunities

We have many collaboration opportunities for you, whether you are a start-up, a medium-sized company, or a large-scale enterprise: research and development, education and further training, and recruiting and sponsoring. Photo: Peter Winandy 

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Education Fund

Students in the lecture hall © Copyright: Thilo Vogel

Support excellent RWTH Aachen students through an Education Fund Scholarship, and thus establish contact early on with young talented individuals. Photo: Thilo Vogel

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Funding Opportunities

Bird's Eye View: RWTH Bain Building and SuperC Building © Copyright: Peter Winandy

If you want to help shape the future, then RWTH Aachen is your trustworthy partner. Whether a donation or sponsorship, we will develop your individual funding together with you. Photo: Peter Winandy

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Graduate Recruiting

We support you in your search for suitable employees and offer many opportunities to make your company known to the students. Photo: Thilo Vogel

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Company Presentations

Event participant giving thumbs up © Copyright: Thilo Vogel

There are diverse services through which you can directly establish contact with RWTH Aachen graduates. Present yourslf in the "Working at..." series or meet doctoral candidates at a career lunch. Photo: Thilo Vogel

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RWTH Aachen Campus

RWTH Campus
RWTH Campus

By establishing RWTH Aachen Campus, RWTH Aachen University aims to become one of the leading technical universities worldwide. Companies from industry and university institutions work together here in a new quality of collaboration and interdisciplinary exchange on defined research focus points. 

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Development Successes

Outdoor view of the Mogam building © Copyright: Peter Winandy

Scholarships, buildings, or infrastructure, thanks to the support of our donors, we have already finished numerous trend-setting projects. Photo: Peter Winandy


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Continuing Education

The word "Weiterbildung" written on a calendar © Copyright: Martin Braun

Most departments at RWTH Aachen disseminate their expertise in continuing education offerings such as open-enrollment and in-house courses, facilitating lifelong learning in the natural and engineering sciences, management, and other disciplines. Photo: Martin Braun

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Publicizing Job Openings

Are you looking for excellent employees? Publicize your job openings directly with us, in order to grab certain RWTH Aachen graduates for your company. Photo: Thilo Vogel

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