Research teams


Research at the Institute for Energy Efficient Buildings and Indoor Climate is divided into eight research teams, which are closely interlinked. In the context of the energy turnaround, the user is increasingly intertwined with the building and its individual components of the energy supply all the way to the entire city quarter, which also leads to a stronger integration need for information and communication technology.

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Research Projects

Our research takes place in many different projects. An important component are publicly funded projects, for example, by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy (BMWi) or the EU as well as projects with industrial partners. At the same time a cooperation with other institutes and departments will take place in the projects. We thank all our funding sponsors.

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BF2016 Gruppe

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dirk Müller leads the interdisciplinary research team of the Scientific Accompanying Research (BF) which supports the networking of all projects funded by the BMWi in the area of energy in buildings and neighborhoods.

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