School's "Nobel Prize" Lecture


Monday, January 22, 2018, 18:30 hours


School's 4th "Nobel Prize" Lecture

"Nobel Prize" Lecture on January 22, 2018

On Monday, January 22, 2018 the School's 4th "Nobel Prize" Lecture will be taking place.

In the Couvenhalle building, Kármánstraße 17 to 19, commencing at 18.30 hours, the key findings of the Nobel Prize Laureates for Economics from 1972 and from 2017 will be presented. Prof. Dr. Thomas S. Lontzek from the Chair of Computation Economics will be talking on Kenneth Joseph Arrow - Nobel Prize Laureate 1972 - and elucidating how Arrow contributed to the establishing and modernizing of numerous areas of modern business and economics, including welfare economics and general equilibrium theory. Prof. Dr. Robert Böhm from the Chair of Decision Analysis will be talking on Richard H. Thaler - Nobel Prize Laureate 2017 and how Thaler has contributed to behavioral economics.

Following the event, refreshments will be served.

The "Nobel Prize" Lecture is sponsored by the Association of Friends and Supporters of the School of Business and Economics ("Förderverein").

We look forward to welcoming all interested students and staff of the University as well as external guests!i