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Dissertationen am E.ON ERC

Max Huber

Agentenbasierte Gebäudeautomation für raumlufttechnische Anlagen 978-3-942789-41-7
Maria Garbuzova-Schiftler The Growing ESCO Market for Energy Efficiency in Russia: A Business and Risk Analysis 978-3-942789-40-0
Xiang Wu New Approaches to Dynamic Equivalent of Active Distribution Network for Transient Analysis 978-3-942789-39-4
Timo Isermann A Multi-Agent-based Component Control and Energy Management System for Electric Vehicles 978-3-942789-38-7
Davide Calì Occupants' Behavior and its Impact upon the Energy Performance of Buildings 978-3-942789-36-3
Ernesto Garnier Distributed Energy Resources and Virtual Power Plants: Economics of Investment and Operation 978-3-942789-37-0
Gontran Pâques Development of SiC GTO Thyristors with Etched Junction Termination


Kan Chen Active Thermal Management for Residential Air Source Heat Pump Systems 978-3-942789-34-9
Marco Cupelli Advanced Control Methods for Robust Stability of MVDC Systems 978-3-942789-33-2
Yasin Sunak

Spatial Perspectives on the Economics of Renewable Energy Technologies

Christoph Molitor

Residential City Districts as Flexibility Resource: Analysis, Simulation, and Decentralized Coordination Algorithms

Kristian Huchtemann

Supply Temperature Control Concepts in Heat Pump Heating Systems

Kanali Togawa Stochastics-based Methods Enabling Testing of Grid-related Algorithms through Simulation 978-3-942789-29-5
Alexander Helmedag

System-Level Multi-Physics Power Hardware in the Loop Testing for Wind Energy Converters

Jing Wang

Design of Novel Control algorithms of Power Converters for Distributed Generation

Wilko Rohlfs Decision-Making under Multi-Dimensional Price Uncertainty for Long-Lived Energy Investments 978-3-942789-26-4
Carl Christian Michelsen

The Energiewende in the German Residential Sector: Empirical Essays on Homeowners’ Choices of Space Heating Technologies

Fei Ni Applications of Arbitrary Polynomial Chaos in Electrical Systems 978-3-942789-24-0
Christiane Rosen

Design considerations and functional analysis of local reserve energy markets for distributed generation

Giovanni Sorda

The Diffusion of Selected Renewable Energy Technologies: Modeling, Economic Impacts, and Policy Implications

Junjie Tang Probabilistic Analysis and Stability Assessment for Power Systems with Integration of Wind Generation and Synchrophasor Measurement 978-3-942789-21-9
Stephan Thomas A Medium-Voltage Multi-Level DC/DC Converter with High Voltage Transformation Ratio 978-3-942789-20-2
Claudia Kandzia

Experimentelle Untersuchung der Strömungsstrukturen in einer Mischlüftung

Junqui Liu Measurement System and Technique for Future Active Distribution Grids 978-3-942789-18-9
Björn Flieger

Innenraummodellierung einer Fahrzeugkabine in der Programmiersprache Modelica

Jie Shen Modeling Methodologies for Analysis and Synthesis of Controls and Modulation Schemes for High-Power Converters with Low Pulse Ratios 978-3-942789-16-5
Weilin Li

Fault Detection and Protection in Medium Voltage DC Shipboard Power Systems

Thomas Butschen Dual-ICT – A Clever Way to Unite Conduction and Switching Optimized Properties in a Single Wafer 978-3-942789-14-1
Andrea Benigni

Latency exploitation for parallelization of power systems simulation

Christian Vogt Optimization of Geothermal Energy Reservoir Modeling using Advanced Numerical Tools for Stochastic Parameter Estimation and Quantifying Uncertainties


Jana Panašková Olfaktorische Bewertung von Emissionen aus Bauprodukten 978-3-942789-11-0
Martin Achtnicht Essays on Consumer Choices Relevant to Climate Change: Stated Preference Evidence from Germany 978-3-942789-10-3
Peter Köllensperger The Internally Commutated Thyristor - Concept, Design and Application 978-3-942789-09-7
Alexander Hoh Exergiebasierte Bewertung gebäudetechnischer Anlagen 978-3-942789-08-0
Michael Bragard The Integrated Emitter Turn-Off Thyristor - An Innovative MOS-Gated High-Power Device 978-3-942789-07-3
Fabian Brännström Einsatz hybrider RANS-LES-Turbulenzmodelle in der Fahrzeugklimatisierung 978-3-942789-06-6
Robert Lenke A Contribution to the Design of Isolated DC-DC Converters for Utility Applications 978-3-942789-05-9
Christian Dick Multi-Resonant Converters as Photovoltaic Module-Integrated Maximum Power Point Tracker 978-3-942789-04-2
Richard Lohwasser

Impact of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) on the European Electricity Market

Günther Westner

Four Essays related to Energy Economic Aspects of Combined Heat and Power Generation

Ali Naderi

Multi-phase, multi-species reactive transport modeling as a tool for system analysis in geological carbon dioxide storage

Rita Streblow Thermal Sensation and Comfort Model for Inhomogeneous Indoor Environments 978-3-942789-00-4


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